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Re: expected load?

On Sun, Jul 08, 2001 at 12:39:39PM +0200, Anders Gjære wrote:

33Mhz*32b=1056Mbps, so you might want to concider motboard with 64b
PCI. Assuming you are needing more throughput. I don't want to 
comment if the CPU is sufficient or not.

> im setting up a firewall for my isp, and i wondered if i needed any
> "stronger" hardware.
> my firewall consist of 5  3com100mbit nic(one of them are to be replaced
> by a 1gbps nic)
> and the machine has a k6 475mhz prossessor and 64 mb ram running 2.4.5
> kernel and iptables
> is that hardware suficcient?
> our network are regulary victim for DDoS, and things like that.
> --
> anders gjære
> kvalito it as
> +47 414 22 934


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