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Re: simple router

you may want to double check that: 
is set to 1

you can either add an echo "1" > blah to your iptables script or you can
set ip_forward=yes in /etc/network/options

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From: Jeremiah Savage <jeremiahsavage@yahoo.com>
Sent: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 21:31:44 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: simple router


I know this is a firewall list, but I figure routers
are close cousins, and this router will eventually run
some iptables rules, so here it goes...

I am attempting to construct a (simple?) router based
on Linux 2.4 with iproute2.

I have 3 ethernet cards on the router, with eth0
connected to a host,eth1 connected to a server and
eth2 connected to another computer.

                       |        |
                       |  host  |
         xx.yy.zz.aa       |
             |             |eth0 - xx.yy.88.100
             |             |
+---------+  |      +----------------+
|another  | eth2    |                |
|computer +---------+  router        |
|         |         |                |
+---------+         +-------+--------+
xx.yy.zz.ab                 |
                            | eth1 - xx.zz.110.145
                        |         |
                        | server  |xx.zz.110.148
                        |         |

I am simply trying to get traffic through eth0 to eth1
so it can get to the server and get back out, but so
far I can't ping the server through the router,
although the router itself is capable of pinging the
server (so the link eth1 is active). And I've verified
that eth0 is also active as the router and the host
can ping each other.

So how do I get the router to pass traffic through to
the server?

I've tried
    # ip route add to unicast xx.zz.110.148 dev eth1
    RTNETLINK answers: File exists

and yet the host still can't ping the server.

And I've tried making eth0 "promiscuous"
        # ifconfig eth0 promisc
but that doesn't help either.

Anyone know the magic incantation that I need?


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