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Re: VPN and @Home

Hi Mythiq!

On 25 Jun 2001, at 23:56, Mythiq wrote:

> @Home is blocking a port! I get the same response from @home here. I'm thinking
> of the following solution:
> I think my humble idea might work but it sure as hell will be slooooowww. So:
> anyone knows a route2 solution or a faster tunnel-solution? Maybe something
> like firewall-piercing (whatever that may be, haven't read that HOWTO yet)?

In this case I will recommend CIPE.

It will use a simple (freely cooseable) UDP-port for a relatively high secure 
VPN-Tunnel solution (Blowfish encrytion).

There also exists a Win32 client, so you can build Linux <-> Windows VPNs and 
it works for sure with @Home except they also block UDP-connections ;-)

bye Josef
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