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Re: Multiple DSLs, and switching incoming route upon failure?

On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 01:09:13AM -0400, Fraser Campbell wrote:
> Why not have a DNS server on each network announcing different IPs for each
> service and then multi-home each server?  DNS on DSL1 would only annouunce
> IPs from DSL1, and DNS on DSL2 would only announce IPs from DSL2.  Due to the
> way DNS servers are used in a round-robin fashion you should get crude load
> balancing ... if DSL1 goes down only the DNS server in DSL2 would be
> reachable and therefore only DSL2 IPs handed out.

How is that going to be any better than having multiple A records?
Apart from the fact that it'd be more complex to maintain.

Jeremy Lunn
Melbourne, Australia

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