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Re: iptables

At 04:10 PM 6/21/01 +0200, Anders Gjære wrote:
>how can i forward everyting from eth0 to eth1 without masquerading with

Any number of ways.

1. Use real ip addresses on both interfaces, so no MASQing is needed. 

2. Use a 2.2.x Linux kernel, which uses ipchains/ipmasqadm, or a 2.0.x
kernel, which uses ipfwadm.

2. Use the policy-routing options in the 2.2.x kernel (probably in 2.4.x as
well) to static-NAT public addresses on eth0 to private addresses on eth1.

But the short answer is ... it depends on what you actually want to do. Your
question is posed in too vague a fashion to have any real answer.

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