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re: prevent Access

OK. Let's be sure I understand the situation --

You have a (Debian-based, I assume, since you're on this list, though you
haven't actually said so) Linux firewall that

        A. does NOT route directly between your LAN and the Internet

        B. does run a Squid proxy server to let LAN clients access
                some Internet services.

Your problem is that one specific host uses the Internet connection too
much, but still does do it through the Squid proxy.

If I have understood you correctly, the suggestion that I (and I think
someone else as well) made to configure /etc/squid.conf to prevent that
client from using Squid to access the Internet is your first logical step.
Then that client will be completely unable to access the Internet (again,
assuming my interpretation fo your situation is correct).   

If any of what I have inferred is incorrect, please describe your situation
and what you want to accomplish more carefully.

At 10:18 AM 6/19/01 +0700, Abu H R wrote:
>Thanks to Ed Street, SCHWACK and Ray Olszewski.
>to Ed Street, I am not using dhcp, but i assign ip manually
>to SCHWACK, I have try using (http_access deny person), but that's not work.
>to Ray Olszewski, what i mean is browsing the web whole day and downloading
big data from ftp server
>        My proxy using the port to access web. if i change the port (using
http_port), all client in my network can't access the web
>        and this is not i want. I also realize when i change the port, some
of the client still can using icq or other and they still can using outlook
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