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Re: Filtering SAMBA

On Mon, 18 Jun 2001, Stefan Srdic wrote:

> Soeren H wrote:
> Is there a host name resolution method that does not use broadcasts? Which one
> resolution method is preferred?
WINS doesn't use broadcast,but you should set up a WINS server, or
activate this service on smb.conf and point your Windows station to Samba
server ( in TCP/IP Properties-> WINS server ). 
> I have all default chain policies set to accept, so broadcast should not be
> afected by any IPtables rules. Do you know which port/service that these Samba
> broadcast originate from?

I'm not sure 100% but that should be 192.168.x.x.137 -> 192.168.x.255.137
Source port and destination port are the same, 137 ( netbios-ns ).
I suggest to increase logging to see exactly if broadcast are permitted or
denied by your rules. 

> Stef


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