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Re: Building Debian firewall

About re-inventing the wheel. The wheel of the single-floppy-router has been
invented many times. Here's one I've had good experiences with:
How does setting up a router in 5 to 10 minutes sound? Use an old 486 with a
floppy disk and two NICs and at least 8 MBs of RAM and go!; try
Works fine as a NAT router with ppp and one NIC or with two NICs, optional
other features like DHCP or bridging, etc.
It's not a firewall, but hey; isn't that the next stop for the packets on
their way into your network? I've had some good experiences with it for a
router solution in a small home-network (student houses) but also in larger
networks (up to some 30 PC's).



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> On Mon, 28 May 2001, Ray Olszewski wrote:
> > Befoer you do too much reinventing of the wheel, you might want to look
> > closely at some of the existing "small Linux" distributions that are
> > to floppy-based routers/firewalls. The Debian-derived ones I know of
> I know these distributions and will have a look at them, if time comes.
> > Though derived from Debian (Slink), they now depart from it quite a bit,
> > mainly for these reasons:
> >
> >         the Debian packaging standards require inclusion of a lot
> >                 of stuff inappropriate to floppy-based systems
> >                 (e.g., man pages and other documentation)
> >         the Debian base relies on apps that are unsuited for
> >                 single-purpose, one-floppy quasi-embedded
> >                 systems (e.g., Perl)
> To make it clear:  I really don't want to build a new Debian based
> distribution.  I'm interested in a set of scripts which build a floppy
> image using some configuration files (for DSL, ISDN, PPP or what else)
> is ready to run as router.  For sure this disk image has no man pages or
> perl and this stuff.


                      if there is a gain from
> > piggybacking this onto the stock Debian distribution system or not.
> I have to admit that I havn't dealt with this subject before but if I
> have time I would go the way I wanted to describe.
> Kind regards
>         Andreas.
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