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Re: turning off exim on port 25

I believe it uses port 25 to talk even internally. What you can do, short of using an IPChains/Tables rule to deny external port 25 traffic, is to set the "local_interface" option in exim's config file. Set it to only lo and it'll only talk to the loopback device internally.

For more info consult the manpage. I don't run exim or I'd try to provide further info on the config file.

At 07:24 PM 5/23/2001 -0500, Bryan Walton wrote:
This may be a better question for another list.  I am building a firewall
for my home LAN. I have exim configured for local delivery only (the only
thing I want it to do is move email from root to another userid).  Even
though I have configured exim for only local delivery, the exim daemon is
still listening on port 25.  Is there a flag I can use when starting up Exim
so that it won't listen on port 25?


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