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Re: Firewal Rules

> I would like to point at for a start, most of these Instant Messenger,
> ICQ and other services have settings that will work with firewalls.
> They will use defined ports that you can open in your firewall, but I
> agree with a Security Policy would have to be setup so that the questions
> of which of these services will be beneficial and allowed and which are
> just fun nick-nacks.

Yes,  and this URL may help Cassandra
http://securityportal.com/closet/closet20001101.html, it discusses the
difficulties of a default deny, and shows ways to use port ranges.

> > At 08:49 AM 5/18/2001 +1000, Cassandra Ludwig wrote:
> > >I have an interesting little problem here.
> > >
> > >I want to as a default REJECT all packets from my firewall's external
> > >interface, and then allow in only certain packets.  I have already


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