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RE: How do you proxy?

On Fri, 18 May 2001, Robert Davies wrote:

>Cannot comment on ftp proxy, as I used masqueraded ftp at ipchains level,
>which was a good solution.
> Rob

 I don't agree... Didn't you find any trouble in merging active/passive
mode...? It seems to me the best you can do with ipchains means to allow
all ports 1024: <-> 1024: to talk each other and setting special DENY to
unused services... it sounds not so good to me.

Marco (1/2)

On Fri, 18 May 2001, Reinemuth, Jens wrote:

> > I'd like to proxy ftp, telnet, http, with a cache too, if I can...
> of course you can! every httpproxy does caching (otherwise it's a gateway or
> router ;-))

 The toy is to deny all internal (win&other) machines from acceding
 directly the external net; a simple

 local lan  ---> proxy  ---> internet, dns, mailsrv

 scheme. I thought to filter mail & dns services and to allow the rest via
 proxy. Not for caching but for security... but if I can cache too, why
 not?  Now I'm wondering what's the proxy server made for me!
  I thought socks doesn't caching, perhaps it's wrong... and I think squid
 doesn't proxy ftp.

> a proxy for "telnet"?? you wanna cache the input from the keyboard??
> or do you mean you want to set up a router/firewall with several proxies?

 The second you said!

73 Marco (2/2)

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