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server periodically dissapears

I recently got wireless broadband at home. I got a static IP, registered a domain, and set up a box as a gateway/firewall for the home lan (and the neighbors LAN too - he's paying half).

There are no problems with outgoing traffic, but when I'm at work and try to ssh into my box at home it just isn't there half the time. It doesn't respond to a ping. It's just not there. Then five minutes later it's back and I can ssh in, or whatever. Then five minutes later it's gone again. This is also causing problems with incoming mail and http hits.

Even when I can't get this box to respond I can still ping the bridge connecting this box to the outdoor antenna (my ISP gave me it's IP address for testing purposes).

I thought it had to do with my ISP's ARP cache, but they said nope. However, I had an e-smith box hooked up originally (while I was still configuring the Debian box) and it exhibited the same symptom.

What do you think? I'm not sure how to trouble-shoot this.

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