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ipmasq and recommended ways to integrate with firewall/port forwarding


Firewall harddrive fried after a power cut.  So I just reinstalled, went like a 
dream but it raised questions...

I used IPMasq which is just fine but i'm never sure how to add a firewall to 
filter port access, my concern is that it is fiddling with ipchains so how can 
i be confident my stuff is getting added and will not interfere.  I noticed in 
the unstable distro that there is a new ipchains package for load/saving 
ipchain configurations and also ferm which deals with some of the tricks 
associated with being confident the firewall config is useful.  Could i use 
them or are they not designed to play friendly with ipmasq?  

The second part to my problem is that of port forwarding,  i want to expose an 
internal system ssh port through the firewall and also an internal http server 
from time to time.  

What i really want is to see some recommended config examples in the 
README.Debian of ipmasq.  So am i a newby with dilusions of grandure? (if so 
sorry) and, can anyone offer advice?

cheers, Oliver.

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