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Re: Links in rc2.d

> Can someone tell me what the numbers after the S and K filenames mean in
> directories such as rc2.d?  I thought it might dictate the order the
> files are executed in but I think I have seen 2 in the same directory
> with the same number, and why not just call them S1..., S2..., S3... in
> that case.

If some programs have the same number it does not matter which one gets
started first - where's the problem?

If you give them sequential numbers, you have to renumber them each time you
add one... so that's a bad idea.
Furthermore you can group them by their numbers.
up to 15 they're quite essential services like syslog and cron
18-19 are important/essential network services like portmap and bind
20 are regular network services (which might require BIND to run, therefore
bind has sequence number 19)
Most other services are started at 20 too, because that's when the network
is supposed to be up)

But actually i don't like the system-v-init much... i prefer file-rc btw.
But i havn't had a better idea yet *g*
Some dependency thing would be nice... like "if network interfaces couldn't
be started then don't bother to start nfs" etc.


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