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Re: Changes to /etc/init.d/networking

Daniel Stone wrote:

> Well, there's been a raging debate on linux-kernel about this. Basically,
> some Cisco routers are broken, as the (outdated) RFC specified that this
> field (the one for ECN) was "reserved", so Cisco took that to mean "must be
> zero". Hence, when you turn ECN on, a lot of Cisco routers drop the packet -
> including the ones for Hotmail, etc.
> Hope this helps,
> :) d

That could explain a few problems that I have been having while attempting to
download from the net through my Windows clients, maybe it would be best to leave
ECN to its default value (off) untill further investigation proves otherwise. Funny
how there was no mention of this in the kernel documentation.


Are there any other IPV4 settings that I should know about that increase system
transfer efficientcy and security?

Would it be recomended to execute an IPTables script via the networking init script?


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