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Re: Iptables logging

On Fri, Apr 13, 2001 at 11:52:46PM +0200, Kenneth Vestergaard Schmidt wrote:
> Hi.
> All you iptables-using people out there, maybe you should look at fwanalog, 
> which just went into unstable. It parses the logged output (remember, -j LOG) 
> from iptables into a format understood by analog, and then uses said program 
> to create an (IMHO) nice log. If anybody would like to test it, please do, 
> and send bug-reports, feature-improvements, etc, to either me or the 
> mailling-list fwanalog@tud.at

I'm also preparing ulogd and ulogd-mysql, which is IMHO a much nicer

You need the ulog patch from patch-o-matic in your kernel for it to work,
but it logs to a file, in its own format, a syslog-like file, and, if you
have ulogd-mysql, a mySQL database. 

It's extremely modular and extensible, so you can write your own output and
interpreter plugins; ulogd-remote, which will log to a remote host, either
to separate client or maybe another machine's ulogd, is currently on my
vapourware-but-sounds-cool list ;)

But, um, looks good anyway, the output of -j LOG is suckage.

:) d

Daniel Stone
Linux Kernel Developer

Version: 3.1
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