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RTP Proxy / Masquerading RTP Traffic

I am attempting to configure a system here that will have at least one
workstation behind it that has a webcam and microphone.  The user of this
machine (me) would like to be able to use both of them for internet-chat (I
have a DSL connection, I should be able to get some use out of it *lol*),
however, while I can transmit audio and video streams, I am unable to
receive them.  I have read the documentation for the various packages (from
microsoft netmeeting (yuck!) to speak-freely for windows), and neither of
those two packages tell me anymore than "You need to open up some ports on
the firewall".

Speak Freely's documentation gave me some ports to work with, but that did
not seem to help any, so now I am left with trying to figure out a better
way of doing this (as in I would like if at all possible to be able to do
this on a friends server where they run two pc's behind the firewall that
have mic's connected), or figuring out how to get this to function
correctly.  I would prefer to go the RTP proxy method as this would allow me
to have a large quantity of machines behind the firewall, instead of just
the one machine with port redirections.

Any advice here would help greatly.

    Peter Ludwig

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