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Re: SSh

Giacomo Mulas wrote:
> On Tue, 3 Apr 2001, Ivan Chillon wrote:
> > Ragazzi vorrei utilizzare l' SSH per l'accesso remoto sul mio FW.
> > Qualcuno di voi sa darmi un aiutino su dove trovarlo ed installarlo sotto
> > "bleaa" NT e W2000?
> For those of us who do not speak Italian, the above reads, more or less:
> "I want to use SSH to remotely access my firewall. Can somebody help me
> to find a suitable version for WinNT and Win2K and to install it?"
> One possibe answer is the following: use any web search engine to locate
> the Teraterm Pro SSH plugin. Teraterm itself and the plugin are free, and
> work well.
> In Italiano: usa qualche motore di ricerca per trovare il plugin SSH per
> Teraterm Pro. Sia Teraterm che il plugin sono gratuiti.
> Ciao
> Giacomo

Thanks for the translation !

Ivan could use the openssh package from CygWin, too :

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