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Re: Newbie Questions Part 2

At 01:34 PM 11/9/00 +0000, Michael Boyd wrote:
>Thanks to everyone who answered my first questions.  Now for the next
I'm skipping your list of packages. For the most part, they are irrelevant
to router/firewalls, and I doubt the ORA book recommended them in that
context. For advice on package selection, see my earlier response suggesting
what to include on a Debian-based firewall/router.

>While I am on the subject of packages does anyone have any advice about
>setting up exim (or point me in the direction of any advice on the
>net)?.  I am not even entirely sure I know what exim does.

Again ... on a firewall/router? Whatever would you want it there for? exim
is a Mail Transport Agent (MTA); it manages sending and receipt of e-mail.

If you do need it, run exim_config, which does a pretty good job of
prompting you, and ask specifically about what you don't understand ... here
for questions related to router/firewalls, otherwise someplace appropriate
for general Linux question.

>My debian box currently has a 500MB HD but I have a 100MB HD kicking
>around at home.  Will a functional FW set-up fit into 100MB?

Easily. Functional firewalls come on a single floppy. The best-known example
is the Linux Router Project ... many URLs to choose from, but the best is
http://lrp.c0wz.com . 

When using Debian, you should be able to fit a working firewall into 50-60
megs ... the larger size is due partly to things like man pages,
internationalization code, and a default installation of perl, all things
routinely omitted on dedicated router/firewalls; and the use of standard
Unix/Linux apps instead of ones custom designed for small/embedded
distributions (see URL http://opensource.lineo.com/software.html for a good,
concise list of these apps, most of which are available as .debs).

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