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Re: ipchains question

On Tue, Nov 07, 2000 at 03:44:22PM -0300, Eduardo Gargiulo wrote:

> I have subnet of real IP. The router is connected to the hub so the REAL
> subnet is before the firewall, so I can't protect it. I'm thinking in add
> an eth to the linux box and connect the router (with a cross UTP) to eth0,
> and connect eth1 (with real IP) and eth2 (with masqued IP) to the hub. The
> question is how configure ipchains and if it is possible to work or I have
> to add another tool to my linux box to handle this configuration?

If you mean changing from:

INTERNET --[ A hub ] -- linux box
          /  |   |  \
      host host host host


INTERNET --linux box--[ hub ] ---host
                      /  |  \
                   host host host

Then I guess nothing needs to be changed, provided the boxen have linux box
set as default gateway.

> Thanks all and sorry for my english!

No need to apologize for your english; it's quite good, though I'm not a
native speaker :-)

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