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Re: mrtg & cisco

On Thu, Oct 26, 2000 at 05:10:03PM +0200, jfjoly@free.fr wrote:
> Well I know this is not directly related to Debian but I just installed a 
> bandwith monitor using mrtg on some Debian FireWalls. Now, I'd like to monitor 
> the bandwidth on some cisco routers. As some of you may have the solutions, I 
> just beg you for some link about cisco & snmp. I wonder if I would have to learn  
> IOS to enable the snmp fonction ?
> Thanks to those who can help.

I've used mrtg + snmp before, not with cisco though, AFAIK as long as you have
snmp running on the router w/appropriate config installation would be
pretty straightforward.

consider http://www.ieng.com/warp/public/490/index.shtml

You may also wish to consider posting to debian-isp and asking there, or
reviewing their list archives.
 - brian.

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