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Re: harden-debian script?

	This is really something I would like to do (or have it done in Debian) and I
would not restrict it just to changing ownerships, setuid bits, etc.. What I
would really like is to be able to have in Debian the same kind of proyects as
in other distributions. Take for example:

- Bastille Linux: http://bastille-linux.sourceforge.net/
- Trinux security toolkit: http://www.trinux.org/

	There are, at least, two proyects working towards making a secure Debian

- Nomadic Secure Debian Proyect
- Gibraltar Proyect

	What we really need IMHO is to take this proyects, coordinate debian-firewall
and debian-security, take good notice of good articles/books written on the
subject (take www.rootprompt.org Amateur Fortress Building in Linux's series for
one) and start proyect *inside* Debian to solve this issue.



Scott Bronson escribió:
> Is there such a thing as a harden-debian script?  This would run
> through the file system and change file owers and permissions to
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