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Re: harden-debian script?

Just how would "chmod go-r /etc/bind/*" imply that I "only want to protect
from script kiddies and neglect other attackers?"  If an attacker manages
to get shell on my firewall, I don't want to just hand him a map of my
internal network.  I'll force him to sniff (an activity I'll likely notice
and stop).

Why all the philisophical rhetoric?

	- Scott

> But what actually does it give you? It protects you from cracker-wannabies
> who see that if there is an 'X' line in your /etc/inetd.conf, then it's time
> to run exploit 'Y'.
> This gives you a false sense of security, unless you only want to protect
> from script-kiddies while neglecting other attackers. But since you say this
> is to be 'one step in a larger security plan', then I really don't
> understand what it gives.
> regards
> Marcin
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