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Re: NTP secure

I frequently use ntpdate from a cron job rather than running a full blown
xntpd server.


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On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Christian Hammers wrote:

> Hi
> I'm wondering if the ntp protocol that operates mainly in UDP can be
> used on a firewall server (to syncronise logfiles) or if it is too
> insecure.
> The only information useable for "security" seems, according to ethereal,
> the originate time stamp which means that an attacker has to be very fast
> to read this and send an own, faked packet faster than the original asked
> server. 
> What would you recommend as time syncroniser on a firewall?
> (No big-company thing that would be worth to buy an DCF77 clock for it's
> own, just a fun project...)
> bye,
>  -christian-
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