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Re: port forward to MS Exchange IMAP

Robert Davies wrote:

<snipped very useful script example and someone else's initial reply>

> Perhaps something there was missing in the original questioners script.
> Sure if he checks over it, there'll be a mistake, usually I screwed up the
> ports, and the mark numbers.  Other possibilities are the rule chains, hosts
> and masks, and loading the modules.

Well, I am using pmfirewall, which does a fairly nice job of 
setting up a strong ipchains ruleset, which I then customized.  
Perhaps because I left the original IMAP port rule in?  I did 
go over the port numbers and the mark numbers & they looked OK.  
But maybe there's a ipchains rules generator friendlier to 
this sort of effort?  Any recommendations here?

Also, I have to include the MPPE patch so that I can implement 
PPTP.  I'm starting to think though that I should do a make 
mrproper and do a whole new kernel all over again blending in 
all that I have to add in from the IPCHAINS, IPMASQ, and the 
PoPToP howtos, since I don't get a connection denied error, it 
just sits there after I try the telnet to the IMAP port.

By the way, the box which needs to connect to the MS Exchange 
IMAP is a Windows CE unit.  Anyone aware of any TCP issues or
gotchas with that?  Personally I'm waiting for a Linux based 
web pad with a working Mozilla before I get my own handheld ...

Christopher Everett

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