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Re: debian-firewall: where to put ipmasqadm scripts ??

> > Where is the best place for a ipmasqadm script so that this
> > automatically gets executed if the firewall reboots ?
> /etc/init.d with a link from rcS.d.  Sequenced before S40network is
> the safest.

I'm actually partial to tying it into the interface specific "up" and
"down" events in the /etc/network/interfaces file, keeping interface
specific ipchains rules in scripts of their own.  I'll put the generic
chains and rules in the init.d scripts, but find that it's not as
flexible as I need when adding VPN's or other network interfaces to
the firewall.

  Chad "^chewie, gunnarr" Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>

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