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Debian firewall & related on floppy

Apologies for abortive prior post.

Did you ever make available any documentation or working examples of
the floppy-based firewall+ box mentioned in your 11/29/99 post to

On Nov 29, 1999 , M Shaffer wrote:

> If you are interested, I just spent a couple days whittling
> down a Debian system to provide WAN routing, dial on demand,
> dns, dhcp, and firewalling all on one floppy. I have been looking
> for an excuse to organize all my notes in a presentable manner,
> and I'd be happy to try and answer any questions you might
> have. My intention was basically what you stated, to produce
> a simple box with absolutely nothing except the kernel, a few
> selected daemons, and a couple other necessary things like
> ash and init just for processing startup scripts. No interactive
> or network logins, no logging except to console or remote,
> everything runs from a 4MB ramdisk once booted. Using this
> sort of setup you can provide quick and dirty emergency
> reserve systems on just a floppy; set up new boxes with almost
> no installation; or just make a really cheap routers with a 
> scavenged motherboard, 16MB RAM, a floppy, and ethernet cards 
> or a modem. I also have managed to fit a complete working 
> 'winserver' with dhcp and samba on one floppy, although this 
> one would really like to have some disk in the machine for 
> meaningful print spooling and file shares.


Gordon Pedersen
gpeder@araz.com     gordon@visi.com

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