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Re: debian-firewall: how do I let SMTP through with ipmasq ??

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, Brendan J Simon wrote:

 > at the moment but the basic idea is to let all SMTP traffic through the
 > firewall and redirect it to the mail server.  ie. forwall all trafic
 > destined to A.B.C.D:25 to

ipmasqadm portfw ?

 > Do I need an "ipchains -A input" command too, or will one "ipchains -A
 > forward" command do the job ?

neither, see above.

 > Do I need a connection/mapping in the reverse direction too ?

no, see above.

 > Is the "-i eth0 redundant" if I have "-s" *and* "-d" arguments ?

no. think address spoofing.

 > Does the "-s ip/nm" mean the source ip address of the packet *or* the
 > destination ip address of the incoming packet ?
 > Similarly, does the "-d ip/nm" mean the destination ip address of the
 > packet *or* the destination to route/forward the packet to ?

excuse me ?

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