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Re: Fwctl: Port forwarding

On Sun, Sep 10, 2000 at 09:37:55PM +0200, Timo Schulz wrote:
> Starting IP packet filters: ipmasq exit with non zero status:
> portfw: setsockopt failed: The argument is not valid.
> But, I didn't change anything. Not in the sources, nor in
> the config files. What does this mean?

It is an error from ipmasq executable which is called from fwctl. It means
you dont have masquerading in the kernel. From 0.25-4 on the exit status of
ipmasq command is ignored if you clean the rules (flush) so you can actually
use fwctl on a system without masq support. But of course in tht case you
should not use -masq rules.

In case i am wrog with my answer please inform me.

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