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Re: the marriage of wireless and wireful

Naturally the problem would be at the end. It's in the printer. You report
it configured as follows:

>[The printer network hardware -- it's an HP JetDirect 170x]
>     IP =
>netmask =
>gateway =

which means it thinks that is local, since you gave it a 16-bit
netmask. So it receives the ping request and tries to arp a local host to
respond to instead of using the gateway. Fix: change the printer's netmask
from /16 to /24.

At 04:45 AM 8/31/00 +0000, Paul Phillips wrote:
>    eth0 is (wired network)
>    ppp0 is w.x.y.z (connects to Internet via roaring penguin's PPPoE)
>  wvlan0 is (wireless network)
>She is running potato, kernel 2.2.17pre20, pcmcia 3.1.19.  Hosts on the
>wireless network can get everywhere OK except for the printer on the wired
>network.  From apollo I can reach everything fine, including the printer.
>I thought some strange ipchain was stopping me but that doesn't appear to
>be it.  I think now it's some routing thinko on my part but I can't find it.
>So I throw myself upon the mercy of your collective brainpower.  Why can't
> get a ping response from (Or otherwise reach it,
>IOW it's not ICMP-specific.) Snooping the network interfaces on apollo
>shows that the ICMP echo request is being received on wvlan0 and delivered
>on eth0, but then it disappears.
[diagnoztic detail deleted]

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