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Re: What can the vanila debian potato kernel do?

Read the kernel-config file at
(if you're using the idepci kernel, otherwise, look up a directory) to see
what's compiled in.  Usually, my advice for upgrades to mission-critical boxen
is "if it works, don't fix it" unless you have a problem that you need to
upgrade to fix or a feature that you need.  However, with Debian, it shouldn't
be too bad to upgrade, so I would be hesitant about saying that.

Lars Hallberg wrote:

> Hello
> I do now have a working router using debian 2.1 an the vanilla
> kernel. It is working for my use ;-)
> I do plan to upgrade to potato. Kan I still use the vanilla
> debian (potato) kernel? Howe do I find out what the vanilla
> kernel kan do *before* i install it?
> What I do use now is.
>  o  2 ethernet interface with routing inbetween (one to
>     internett and one to my  local net.
>  o  Proxe-ARP on the internet konektion (all my IP must
>     use the same MAC-adress upstrem becuse my upstream
>     radiomodem can only use one MAC-address.
> No masqurading or anything fancy.
> The system is in real use so I do not want innstall a not
> working kernel ;-)
> TIA /Lars
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