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Re: CPU for firewall machine?

Sorry about the repeat. It's beer-thirty here.

"L. Besselink" wrote:
> I was just reading about all this and I agree here and if you do starts to
> do things big... you will generate money from that... and you can upgrade
> your firewall machine. :) Although personally I would prefer to have a new
> system as firewall, I think old hardware could fail sooner (but that's
> personal choice), because it now is a very central spot in your whole
> 'organisation'.
> my 2 cents,
>         Lennie.

Oh, I dunno - there always seem to be some spare machines around to
firewall with. We use Pentium 120s for all our firewalling and web
serving and they do just fine; just have to replace the fans
occasionally. The web server has been running pretty much continuously
for three years in its current (debian) configuration.


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