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Re: IP-Masquerade

You need to describe your problem with a bit more care if I (or, probably,
anyone here) can help. For example, you say you have "Dial on Demand"
running but also say you have to use "pon" by hand. These two descriptions
are inconsistent; either dialing is automatic or it isn't.

More generally, how did "this guy" set up the various features? (And what
features? "The usual things" doesn't tell us much.) If he did it right, they
are in init scripts that set them up when you reboot. If he didn't -- if he
did some of the setup manually, from the command line -- that stuff won't
automatically install when you reboot. You may have no better solution than
to ask him what he did.

If that isn't an option, you'll need to tell us some details. At this point,
your description is so sketchy that I doubt I can even suggest a full set of
disgnostics to report, but for starters:

        the basics: what Debian version, what kernel ("uname -a")
        samples of the log entries that report the "one reason or
                another" for the denials, along with what is   
                actually being denied
        the console response, if any, to "pon"
        the complete output of "ifconfig -a"
        the complete output of "route -n"
        the contents of /etc/resolv.conf
        some information about the modem - what port is it on, and
                what does "setserial /dev/ttyS*" return for that port
                [replace * with the right value]
        some description of the role this server is playing. (You say it
                uses "Ip-Masq and forwarding", which implies function
                as a router/firewall, but you don't say anything
                about the LAN it firewalls/routes.)
        whether you have the "ipmasq" package installed and whether 
                it runs as part of the init process. If not, do you
                generate the firewall/router ruleset some other way?
        the output of "ipchains -L -n" (assuming a 2.2.x kernel) or
                the equivalent "ipfwadm" commands (2.0.x kernel)

At 11:28 PM 8/5/00 +1200, Geoff wrote:
>Hi... I'm an absolute newbie to Debian Linux. I had this guy come visit and
>set up a Debian server using Ip-Masq and forwarding. He set it up to "Dial
>on Demand" and "Forward IP requests" just the usual things.
> It was going real well in a P75 with 32 meg of ram... It was set up so I
>could do a simple PON or POFF command to initiate it. For one reason or
>another I had to shut it down using the CTRL-ALT-DEL command. I flicked the
>power off and Subsequently on restarting the "Server" again. The forwarding
>(when you look at the system log) is being denied for one reason or
>another... is there a command that I have to type (before the PON
>command)say as root or something to initiate it. 
>  I'm not very good at command line... so this might be tricky for you guys
>to help me.

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