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Re: question about SPF (mr Meskes, I suppose?)

	Thanks for the quick and useful reply. I had somewhat figured out
how it would work but I needed an authoritative confirmation. I have
successfully hardened my laptop in accepting incoming connections only on
very few ports, and ports for replies to outgoing connections are
successfully handled by spf. If all goes well, I will go on and try to
install spf on our firewall. I have two more questions, not necessarily
1: How should I set up ipchains in order to be able to import nfs
filesystems? Did anybody run into this problem already and find a
2: How should ipv6 protocols be handled? Which _incoming_ protocols are
vital and not dangerous and should thus be let through ipchains? Does spf
automatically handle other protocols besides tcp and udp, creating and
deleting rules on demand?

Thanks, bye


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