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dead horse

Hi, I'm sure this topic has been beaten to death :) , but I'm looking
for advice on application-level firewall software for Linux.  I am
running two Debian boxes, one slink and one potato, with the 2.2.x
series kernels.

Preferably something with a GPL or BSD (or other free) license.

I've looked at the TIS FWTK, Juniper, and have also seen the Falcon
site.  They all seem good, I would just like clues on what might be the
most tested solution and which is/are known to be reliable.
Unfortunately the FWTK and Juniper licenses are not perfect but they
will do if there is no other satisfactory alternative.

Also: if anyone knows where I can get a recent port of S/Key to Linux, I
would appreciate your letting me know!

Thanks for any help!


Jim Breton

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