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Re: ftp proxy


On Mon, Mar 13, 2000 at 11:31:30AM +0100, Michael Meskes wrote:
> Where do I find a good ftp proxy, i.e. a proxy that can handle
> incoming as well as outgoing connections?

SuSE has developed a nice one.  Search for "proxy suite" on
their web site.

It allows internal users to connect to any site using
"user@site" syntax, and external users are connected to one
internal FTP site specified in the config file.

e.g. internal user wants to connect to ftp.example.com:
>>> ftp firewall
<<< connected
>>> USER anonymous@ftp.example.com
<<< Connected to ftp.example.com.  Send e-mail addr as passwd.
>>> PASS someone@example.net
(user uploads/downloads etc.)

or if an external user wants to connect to the internal FTP
server at example.net and you have ftp.example.net pointing to
the external IP address of the firewall:
>>> ftp ftp.example.net
(proxy connects to internal FTP site)
<<< Connected
>>> USER anonymous
<<< OK send e-mail address as password
>>> PASS blah@example.org
(user uploads/downloads etc.)

External users cannot use "user@site" syntax to connect to other
FTP sites.  They are forced to connect to the FTP server
specified in the config file.

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