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Compiling kernel 2.2.14 for firewall


I am in the process of setting up a firewall for my company.  I have a old 
pent133 system with 2 3C509 network cards installed.  I originally loaded linux 
from a set of floppy disks that had a 2.0.36 kernel.  I decided to upgrade to 
(frozen) so I could get the latest kernels.  

Now for my problem...  Under the old kernel, my network cards work fine (eth0 
and eth1)  After compiling the kernel and modules(2.2.14)  I only get a eth0 
after boot and it does not work.  I found if I add the alias to the 
/etc/modules.conf file I get two new devices that do work... (eth1 and eth2).  
How do I get back to a single pair of devices (eth0 and eth1)?



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