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Should I propose a Debian Firewall?

Hi all,

I just subscribed to the list, so please excuse me if I'm making a huge faux
par here.

Where I work we currently have a Commercial packet Firewall which is
starting to show problems. The major one is that it has a limited user
license and we outgrew it a long time ago. It's long gone the time that we
should have replaced it.

I am debating wether to propose a Linux (probably Debian, I like the
maintainability of it) based firewall, but I can guess the concerns about
security. That is why I'm here.

<flame retardant suit on>
Does a Linux based firewall come up to scratch when compared to a Commercial
one? Are there issues I should know about?
<suit off>

Obviously there are lots of great things about having your security under
pulic review (fast fixes, tried and tested systems, etc). I just want to
know, before I stick my neck out, is there anything I could get shot down

As far as my limited understanding goes, I can't see things getting much
more secure than a Linux box with just the kernal (configured for masq and
firewalling), a few network tools (route, ipchains) and a shell. No other
services on the box. 

Am I thinking in the right way? 

It's then just a matter of what you allow...right?


Paul Sargent
mailto: Paul.Sargent@3Dlabs.com

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