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Re: disaster analysis and recovery

Seth Vidal <skvidal@skyrunner.net> wrote:

>What was your partitioning scheme on this computer?

It's a 3 Gb IDE drive with roughly:

1 Gb /
2 Gb /data

and also a swap partition.

>Did you have everything on one partition or were there multiple

The OS is on /

/data has my http and rtsp files.

>if its all one big partition I'm going to ask a few dumb questions:
>Did you fsck the drive?

No, I'm still in X Windows.  I just finished reading my xconsole
(nothing suspicious).

Because Apache is still running, I'm going to reconnect my w98 box and
transfer via http /etc and /home (which have changed a bit since their
last backup) as well as /var (logs and mail) and parts of /data which
aren't mirrored on the w98 box.

>Did you get A LOT of errors?
>Did you get a lot of files in lost+found.

df seems to report the same Used/Capacity figures for the /
partition -- as if the /usr files were still there.  Don't know what
this might mean....

I don't have access to "man", so here's some dumb fsck questions:

Do I have to exit X Windows to run it?
What command do I use:
   fsck /
   fsck /dev/hda1

Thanks for any more help!


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