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Re: Hacking a firewall

On Tue, Aug 03, 1999 at 08:48:25AM +0100, Simon Martin wrote:
> 1) Comparison of Debian Vs Firewall-1
> My major competition here is Firewall-1. Anyone know of any comparison of
> features / robustness / weaknesses?

Well.. the GUI is great, anybody thinks to know it and the support for
strange new media protocols is build in. This is the feature and weakness of
fw1 :)

Well actually it depends on the packages you want to use on linux how
easy/secure/fast it is.

> 2) VPN
> Is this available on Debian? Can I get the TCP/IP stack to encrypt / decrypt
> automatically? If so what encryption methods are available?

A lot. PPP via SSH, IPsec, CIPE, tunnelv, IPIP, ..

See http://sites.inka.de/lina/freefire-l/index.en.html


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