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icmplogd: destination unreachable?

Speaking of ICMP, I've noticed:

May  3 00:43:17 www icmplogd: destination unreachable from

messages appear in my log -- and repeat every 80 seconds.  This happened
about a week ago, and started up again a few hours ago. is a uu.net router I believe, but my machine seems to
cause the message because I noticed them continuing even after I
temporarily disconnected from the Internet.  They stopped after a reboot
(UPS install).  I don't know what caused them to start up again -- or
what they might mean.

I'm tempted to run "icmplogd -d", which won't log "destination
unreachable" messages.  But will this prevent me from seeing any useful
security information re: ICMP?

Thanks for any help!


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