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Re: Ipfwadm Firewall

Hi Chris,

checkout Firewall Configuration Tool (FCT) to start ...
Hope it helps (you'll find it on my Homepage or e.g. on sunsite).

    Jens Hellmerichs-Friedrich


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Betreff: Ipfwadm Firewall

>Heres the situtation I have.
>Internet > Router > Linux Box > Internal Network
>On the router I have set it up so it routes all packets to the Linux Box,
>now I want to setup a secure firewall on the Linux Box.  I want to deny
>everything by default but let the following services through:
>ftp,www,ssh,proxy,dns.  These services might not be on the Linux Box they
>might be on a IP address on an internal machine (for example www is in
>this case).  IP Spoofing, smurfing, etc should also be taken into
>consideration with firewall rules.
>Has anybody got any good places to start or examples, the Linux Firewall
>HOWTO seems out of date.
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