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[ff] The Freefire Bulletin #3 (1998-09-06)

  The Freefire Bulletin #3 (1998-09-06) Monthly Newsletter

The Freefire Project tries to help Developers in building Firewall and
IT-Security Solutions based on Free Tools. You can find additional 
information about the Project at the Homepage


0  Executive Info (Ec)
1 Ethereal (Ec)
  A free GTK and libpcap based Network Scanner

2 No Article about Saint (Ec)
  The Free Satan is aged, but a successor is not free anymore

3 g2s (Ec)
  A network superserver with additional features

4 smtpd/smtpfwdd (Ec)
  E-Mail store and forward proxy (for firewalls)

5 SINUS Firewall Mailing List (HH)
  Firewall based on statefull screening

1  Ethereal
It is a GTK and libpcap based tool to capture (to disk) and analyze (view in
a GUI) network traffic. This neat program from Gerald Combs compiles very 
cleanly on my Debian 2.0 GNU/Linux System. Even the alpha version of this
tool looks very promising. I suggest everybody to check this tool out if
they want to have a free solution for network analyzing.


2  No Article about Saint
I wanted to write an article about the network security scanner SAINT. It is
an updated SATAN (Dan Farmer and Wietse Venema). But after I had discovered
that SAINT is placed under a more restricted (not open source, restricted
use) copyright I decided not to support that tool by giving it an article in
the bulletin. Rumours are that Dan and Wietse are trying to work on an
updated version of SATAN.


3  g2s
The g2s superserver is a replacement for (x)inetd. It has some additional
features like acces control, some build-in proxy functions (for redirecting
and filtering connections), chroot, RBL Spam Control and resource limits.
The author is Frank Denis.


4  smtpd/smtpfwdd
Obtuse Systems Corporation is shipping their firewall toolkit with a free
store and forward proxy for mail. Those daemons are used to receive mail,
check them for malicious data and hand them to a local mail system to pass
them along. Compared to the solution in the Firewall Toolkit of TIS, those
programs are realy free. The smtpd v2 features a nice adress checking rule
file. Note that most exisiting SMTP Application Proxies do NOT help against
the Mime-Buffer-Overflow-Problem, since they are not Mime-Aware.


5  New SINUS Firewall Mailinglist (HW)
The SINUS firewall installation is based on the sf Firewall Software TCP/IP
packet filter for Linux, originally written by Roland Schmid and Robert 
Muchsel. The packet is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence and
comes with complete source code, as the Linux operating system does. The
Project has set up a new mailing list, see the Homepage:


Authors of the current issue
  Ec  - Bernd 'eckes' Eckenfels    <ecki@lina.inka.de>
  HW  - Harald Weidner             <weidner@ifi.unizh.ch>

(c) Copyright 1998 Bernd Eckenfels and others
Bernd Eckenfels <ecki@lina.inka.de>, GERMANY

Bernd Eckenfels, ecki@lina.inka.de, The Freefire Project

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