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Hardware preparation


I have just joined this list and have not seen any messages on it 
yet (since 25th) so I hope this type of message is appropriate for it. 
If not please accept my humble apologies.

I going to have a firewall installed next week. But I don't understand 
quite how the connections will go (as yet I don't know anything 
about the software either but one step at a time).

I have a P120 which is going to be my main Linux fileserver and a 
486-100 which will be the firewall.  There are currently 2 other 
machine on the LAN which will be accessing the internet (www, 
newsgroups, email) through the firewall.

The intenet connection is to be made using an ISDN terminal 
adaptor on a serial port of the firewall machine.

Q. How should the firewall PC be on the Lan?

Option 1. The main Fileserver has a second network card for a 
segment containing just the fileserver and the firewall.

Option 2. The firewall is connected to the same hub as all the other 

Option 3. Is there another way?



Dave Warnock
Sundayta Ltd

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