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Accepted mini-buildd 1.0.0~beta.18 (source all)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2013 13:53:29 +0200
Source: mini-buildd
Binary: python-mini-buildd mini-buildd mini-buildd-common
Architecture: source all
Version: 1.0.0~beta.18
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Stephan Sürken <absurd@debian.org>
Changed-By: Stephan Sürken <absurd@debian.org>
 mini-buildd - Minimal Debian build daemon
 mini-buildd-common - minimal Debian build daemon - 08x upgrade dummy package
 python-mini-buildd - Minimal Debian build daemon: python library and user tool
 mini-buildd (1.0.0~beta.18) experimental; urgency=low
   * [bd61cc5] packager: Fix error handling for bogus changes files.
   * [8fa5ae9] httpd.py: Cosmetic fix for cherrypy logs.
   * [2c97e7e] cleanup for debug modes: Add 'http' mode, rename 'django' mode to 'webapp', add global foreground flag.
   * [2e37d38] httpd.py: Teach cherrypy to serve dir indexes; enable for log and repo browsing.
   * [3c81856] api(show): html: Add "browse pool" link.
   * [4d229f4] notify: Always mail uploader when no repo could be recognized (Fixes: No error mail on common "wrong dist" error).
   * [5caefbb] daemon: Keyrings(): Make work even if daemon model is yet unconfigured (Fixes: not starting up).
   * [6bd955c] cherrypy: Only log on_screen if foreground _and_ debug is set.
   * [557031f] cherrypy: Use automatic engine stop on exit (Fixes: no shutdown on early daemon errors).
   * [20abf8b] cherrypy: Avoid config check warning on unicode host string.
   * [104984c] [code] setup.py: Fix some more inconsistent single-quote "'" string quoting.
   * [5e47aca] mini-buildd: Add '--pidfile' support (will make start/stop more reliable).
   * [ea75cda] init.d: Update to new '--pidfile' support, add 'status' target, cleanups.
   * [fe1161c] logging: Improve error reporting for exceptions that appear while logging is set up.
   * [242dbde] daemon.py: start(): Improve message when daemon is deactivated/unconfigured.
   * [3205492] models/daemon.py: Fix leading newline at GnuPG template default.
   * [03780ed] remotes, users: Allow changes on the fly (schedule keyring update on changes instead of stopping daemon).
 789eded04ca8ed7266a389f37d822939bb6e9829 1409 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.18.dsc
 7c154f298fcc01754058749e09843eae191ca295 646703 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.18.tar.gz
 c6e3c39eec1960db22a88d012c1d040325148351 364778 python-mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.18_all.deb
 63425924aaf9387d1926758460196ed59acdd90d 1349144 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.18_all.deb
 70a127c11408b9a8e30ac9c317b154d61a14c73c 59084 mini-buildd-common_1.0.0~beta.18_all.deb
 3976636264008cf37b569f4594f69a23a57a079a2074e93d4d8b95dbe7436a49 1409 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.18.dsc
 78f5edf0b9c1104450d45960522a8bf64667f894b1c0c225065c6fe91ee8a6ec 646703 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.18.tar.gz
 a05d6aae6c89cf82b341afd425ce956f341c9b376a6ed384ab0230354bc4c7b0 364778 python-mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.18_all.deb
 eb9dfde3eec55e7ba431ba3ba7f92de98659311ddd18582e5d3f65faae313651 1349144 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.18_all.deb
 9c61444ccecb93712cd0a058f1d9285dc5ff982d3d3344578472ad0ab00fe9c6 59084 mini-buildd-common_1.0.0~beta.18_all.deb
 9c68b8c846da1b89b3121ed609dc92ee 1409 devel extra mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.18.dsc
 93c81cdea2549ba09404c4383e57809e 646703 devel extra mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.18.tar.gz
 eb95e32b9d36fe875813a0bc3c1c390b 364778 python extra python-mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.18_all.deb
 408583daf94876e1931390eaaa6d7260 1349144 devel extra mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.18_all.deb
 2572cd0e7ba66afdbea79c94c993af76 59084 devel extra mini-buildd-common_1.0.0~beta.18_all.deb

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