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Accepted mini-buildd 1.0.0~beta.12 (source all)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 20 May 2013 18:43:49 +0200
Source: mini-buildd
Binary: python-mini-buildd mini-buildd mini-buildd-common
Architecture: source all
Version: 1.0.0~beta.12
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Stephan Sürken <absurd@debian.org>
Changed-By: Stephan Sürken <absurd@debian.org>
 mini-buildd - Minimal Debian build daemon
 mini-buildd-common - minimal Debian build daemon - 08x upgrade dummy package
 python-mini-buildd - Minimal Debian build daemon: python library and user tool
 mini-buildd (1.0.0~beta.12) experimental; urgency=low
   Twelfths beta. Beside the usual fixes, this adds user
   registration+subscription support and some yet chroot/repo maintenance
   * [98b87dc] StatusModel/check: Support a 'maintenance' hook, to be run after N days.
   * [9b5f55e] text: Improve wording on check exception.
   * [ed0de44] [devel: Add __test_msglog test/debugging method.]
   * [08700bc] chroot: Add "update+upgrade" maintenance.
   * [8030e27] html(admin.css): Copy/paste 'messagelist' setup from mini-buildd.css (Fixes debug msgs display in configuration).
   * [078113e] repository check: Show reprepro's 'check' command output.
   * [ff77998] repository: Add "obsoleted pkglogs removal" maintenance.
   * [cd82522] misc: call with sudo: Always use "-n" (non-interactive) flag.
   * [37157af] chroot: Add "fsck" maintenance (for LVM-backended chroots).
   * [a4c5cf1] check: Integrate maintenance code into "check".
   * [3049270] templates: Move mini_buildd/base.html to '..' (so it may also be used by other apps).
   * [baca33c] Integrate python-registration (user-based account management).
   * [4c77e5c] creds auth: Use python-registration account login (Fixes: Only 'staff' login works for mini-buildd-tool)
   * [cd0a73b] api: Support 'login', 'staff' and 'admin' auth types for commands (previously, only 'staff' was possible).
   * [035a2a6] api: Add user-based package subscription support.
   * [8f4ea1a] html: Integrate user package subscription.
   * [309aecd] reprepro: Show command being run in output for migrate, remove and install.
   * [691102f] chroot: WTF! Gnome3 breaking mini-buildd ;). Fixed.
   * [0f2e44c] notify: Switch to django's build-in email support, avoid duplicate mails and apply regex-filter on automatic addresses only.
   * [4f10746] notify: Switch to send_mass_mail (one mail per recipient, no CC spam).
   * [212130b] notify: Actually add support to email user package subscribers.
   * [fc0cd1f] repository: Fix dsc url for packages with epoched version (Fixes dsc link and internal rebuilds for such packages).
   * [e28e591] debian/control: Depend on python-django-registration >= 0.8 (older version would force us to use the extra "site" infrastructure).
 4908bf6a7d2b7ef6c6d15de83ebfc9a4d8fa1f89 1388 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.12.dsc
 4a7d0c313542ed02421eeabca2af312364cd68c0 637583 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.12.tar.gz
 8de490be3cee06dec914a57878c9f698cbc954a5 355314 python-mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.12_all.deb
 a30065a52db754f632f032c858348b26ff450717 1341324 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.12_all.deb
 0ca7d533239b5fdd3716f5cd3c3939dd4dc3da5f 56700 mini-buildd-common_1.0.0~beta.12_all.deb
 377017b83b539a5850f77069ba8ad249b71965a374830dd4c82b25d198aa076b 1388 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.12.dsc
 500f6a0036c941fb44812b56ab7e2603752bd8642ef05e3886ea2a75954a8049 637583 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.12.tar.gz
 694c6836f41223b3051f985eb383e57460026befb76cf3bdc9a6fc320054b855 355314 python-mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.12_all.deb
 9345925c9efe1e8384581de7f8e9c6d4dadfe8183bfc676cd40dcecf03b1e0c2 1341324 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.12_all.deb
 bdcdd98686853344d462bb2e8136f251e1bc56956ffa1d64bc0872e38df5e561 56700 mini-buildd-common_1.0.0~beta.12_all.deb
 f79196403c0fb0e9ac75f983617d7797 1388 devel extra mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.12.dsc
 c0022041c4b189195f67dcbc85ec05b2 637583 devel extra mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.12.tar.gz
 29585098c35959fb9f9f731e46068111 355314 python extra python-mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.12_all.deb
 9411f0ef50c933185f1fa6f6543fff16 1341324 devel extra mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.12_all.deb
 56902c5f0c0179659a6e862bcc9328af 56700 devel extra mini-buildd-common_1.0.0~beta.12_all.deb

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