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Accepted mini-buildd 1.0.0~beta.4 (source all)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2013 11:37:52 +0000
Source: mini-buildd
Binary: python-mini-buildd mini-buildd mini-buildd-common
Architecture: source all
Version: 1.0.0~beta.4
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Stephan Sürken <absurd@debian.org>
Changed-By: Stephan Sürken <absurd@debian.org>
 mini-buildd - Minimal Debian build daemon
 mini-buildd-common - minimal Debian build daemon - 08x upgrade dummy package
 python-mini-buildd - Minimal Debian build daemon: python library and user tool
Closes: 699086 699196
 mini-buildd (1.0.0~beta.4) experimental; urgency=low
   Fourth beta. Mainly initial efforts of the manual (re)write;
   already includes a fixed basic structure, plus a heap of docs
   dumped in as FAQ-like items; hth, though it's not nearly
   finished yet.
   * [8bfa4cc] setup.py: Use 'sphinx-apidoc' when available.
   * [fecf632] Add initial proper documentation (main structure, intro, admin and user manual).
   * [e1797a5] debian/rules: Add (inactive) snippet to create latex/pdf docs.
   * [bc93b4b] html: Add user log-in information to every page (right-top).
   * [149f01a] doc: Make logo work when docs are viewed stand-alone.
   * [0e38c00] doc/text: Agree to use 'mini-buildd' not 'Mini-buildd' everywhere.
   * [392f809] status: Phase out some more glitches.
   * [9ff4ba9] Wording change: Unprepare(d) -> Remove(d). We also use even more colors now...
   * [0f06eda] Add default layout without rollbacks.
   * [885c2f1] BlockQueue: Add support to show number of pending items (affects builder status box title).
   * [34df94c] doc: Add FAQ entry for foreign chroot creation; add needed packages to Suggests.
   * [39be56c] devel: Add "doc" target.
   * [8bc1dc4] doc/admin.rst: Add glossary example.
   * [3c93949] debian/mini-buildd.postinst: Allow "/" in custom mini-buildd options.
     Thanks to Tzafrir Cohen (Closes: 699086)
   * [0bd3b58] .pylintrc: Update generated members exceptions.
   * [33f6941] Users: Handle possibly missing uploader profile gracefully.
     Thanks to Tzafrir Cohen (Closes: 699196)
   * [2413d72] buildrequest: Detect missing files from dsc early (improvement+workaround for stalled sbuild)
   * [519bbbb] doc/introduction.rst: Mostly finished.
 ae888f9dcf749e79e15c013cb0b2f56aa8ea9bf5 1347 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.4.dsc
 cf419c918c8628976ef6f1be922baa699584f003 616660 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.4.tar.gz
 c655be69eb2f3689ecdcc954587d3d43ba5ebad1 340970 python-mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.4_all.deb
 edc7f700c5a56b6c66e3f3e3e23c89071425ca44 1299458 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.4_all.deb
 e75653b6b4b9f5ac479b22ff7c139a6d653ed982 53298 mini-buildd-common_1.0.0~beta.4_all.deb
 6a32dbac11bc9232ef9d9dcd1a3d7d302e5fc32c479f827cfdf2004f1fa71ee6 1347 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.4.dsc
 2a479abd25d6f9c81429027ce718755c27d9db00c4a2932c0c002cd9b7aa1242 616660 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.4.tar.gz
 d5b957d27847b5bc0ab4b6740b938b309da48ea4462825aaf6d3fa8c5bc66d78 340970 python-mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.4_all.deb
 4cb0defbcee0a8285d526e3b9568f9e2e953bd6fbc84fbb5fb8d3eba51aecfd9 1299458 mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.4_all.deb
 6db035f7336cccdbb02c3aa75d8d904386ba6870d1a6a639d475c8f395785097 53298 mini-buildd-common_1.0.0~beta.4_all.deb
 423634d1bfdd6d46a9e3d0df1e0ea701 1347 devel extra mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.4.dsc
 f9fa37ace1bcdad68ff139564ac24618 616660 devel extra mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.4.tar.gz
 475e903a534a173f048991a474c0dbee 340970 python extra python-mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.4_all.deb
 e958accd24d80a8c8044175a200f4e40 1299458 devel extra mini-buildd_1.0.0~beta.4_all.deb
 085081df2c274f255f1cf61466d5debe 53298 devel extra mini-buildd-common_1.0.0~beta.4_all.deb

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