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Accepted synaptic 0.80~exp1 (source amd64)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 10:08:37 +0100
Source: synaptic
Binary: synaptic
Architecture: source amd64
Version: 0.80~exp1
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Michael Vogt <mvo@debian.org>
Changed-By: Michael Vogt <mvo@debian.org>
 synaptic   - Graphical package manager
Closes: 692528
 synaptic (0.80~exp1) experimental; urgency=low
   [ Robert Roth ]
   * * Disables typeahead in summary dialog, as it doesn't do anything,
     so it's unnecesary (LP: #24319)
   * Move up and Move down buttons in columns preferences changed to
     respect buttons_have_icons preference (LP: #66574)
   * Set the title of the package properties dialog opened for the first
     time (it has not been set before, so it was synaptic the first time
     the dialog has been opened) (LP: #932495)
   * Added a reload button to the repositories changed dialog (LP: #78987)
   * Updated the wording of the expander on the download progress dialog to
     Show individual files" instead of "Show for individual files"
     (LP: #301428)
   * Fixed inconsistencies between column namings in column headers and
     column visibility preferences (LP: #335723)
   * Linkified maintainer label in the package properties dialog
     when running as non-root (LP: #321380)
   * Added package name in the warning scaring you about breaking your
     system (LP: #63974)
   * Added name of the application (Synaptic Package Manager) in the
     titleless dialog shown when starting without administrative
     privilegess (LP: #510261)
   * Improved filter editing checkbox tooltips (LP: #790420)
   * Made all the property values from the package properties dialog
     selectable (LP: #173464)
   * Changed Package Properties accelerator from Ctrl+O to widely used
     (nautilus, eog, evince etc) Alt+Enter (LP: #933554)
   * Use the synaptic icon from the user's icon theme, or fall back to
     the old one if the current theme does not provide a synaptic icon
     (LP: #153755)
   * Focus the Apply button by default. (LP: #488718)
   * Removed log message from automatically installed item click
     (LP: #883984)
   * Fixed delete filter button not working caused by a typo in the
     name of the button when getting it from the GtkBuilder object
     (LP: #779756)
   * Added suggests tasksel as with tasksel installed synaptic
     provides additional functionality (LP: #605186)
   * Fixes incorrect radiobutton handling in the proxy preferences
     (LP: #706262)
   * Fixed incorrect status message when canceling 'Mark all available
     upgrades' feedback dialog (LP: #975578)
   [ Michael Vogt ]
   * ensure external helpers are runs as the user uid
   * build for gtk3 and update build-depends
   * move software-propoerties-gtk into suggests
   * strip strings properly in a markings file, thanks to
     Vassilis Palassopoulos (palasso)
   * show source package name in the details (closes: #692528)
   * merged lp:~fitoschido/synaptic/es-redundancy:
     - Remove empty es_ES .po files. Spanish translations are already
       provided in es files. Thanks to Adolfo Jayme Barrientos (fitoschido)
   * common/rpackagelister.cc:
     - add support for complete removal (purge) in the markings file
 5366d9133bdbc64d756719821dd6654c6a7bdc42 1076 synaptic_0.80~exp1.dsc
 ab8777d4cf43bbf23cfb5d908f8187c3dec95a6d 4292434 synaptic_0.80~exp1.tar.gz
 e5a4df70cba86a3a7a69685fc759381e85d55a61 2653174 synaptic_0.80~exp1_amd64.deb
 858ce156a2b4eca89412b55392ebc68a0533be97c37b4b399612ba9e94fa07fe 1076 synaptic_0.80~exp1.dsc
 d21db203e04b48f8ee9c493c6f1c2784fc1d41936598ba093adb37ffca25824c 4292434 synaptic_0.80~exp1.tar.gz
 2763c506290fd310897002691b3b812fea4b6abc3076a6d93da6bf523aff6794 2653174 synaptic_0.80~exp1_amd64.deb
 f2edfc2fd18d868e807d0e37f83392b0 1076 admin optional synaptic_0.80~exp1.dsc
 8abfdc2f47941ec589d6f50bd6acb050 4292434 admin optional synaptic_0.80~exp1.tar.gz
 cb98277d0ddf612de9b2bb050f48a8dc 2653174 admin optional synaptic_0.80~exp1_amd64.deb

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