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Accepted apt 0.8.16~exp13 (source all amd64)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2012 18:12:57 +0100
Source: apt
Binary: apt libapt-pkg4.12 libapt-inst1.4 apt-doc libapt-pkg-dev libapt-pkg-doc apt-utils apt-transport-https
Architecture: source all amd64
Version: 0.8.16~exp13
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: low
Maintainer: APT Development Team <deity@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Michael Vogt <mvo@debian.org>
 apt        - commandline package manager
 apt-doc    - documentation for APT
 apt-transport-https - https download transport for APT
 apt-utils  - package managment related utility programs
 libapt-inst1.4 - deb package format runtime library
 libapt-pkg-dev - development files for APT's libapt-pkg and libapt-inst
 libapt-pkg-doc - documentation for APT development
 libapt-pkg4.12 - package managment runtime library
Closes: 619646 646288 649314 650513 657560 657695 657732 657902 658096 658346 662762
 apt (0.8.16~exp13) experimental; urgency=low
   [ David Kalnischkies ]
   * apt-pkg/acquire-item.cc:
     - remove 'old' InRelease file if we can't get a new one before
       proceeding with Release.gpg to avoid the false impression of a still
       trusted repository by a (still present) old InRelease file.
       Thanks to Simon Ruderich for reporting this issue! (CVE-2012-0214)
     - add Debug::pkgAcqArchive::NoQueue to disable package downloading
   * apt-pkg/deb/dpkgpm.cc:
     - chroot if needed before dpkg --assert-multi-arch
     - ensure that dpkg binary doesn't have the chroot-directory prefixed
     - call dpkg --assert-multi-arch with execvp instead of execv
     - save the universe by not printing messages about apport if a package
       with this name is not installed (Closes: #619646)
     - handle a SIGINT in all modes as a break after the currently running
       dpkg transaction instead of ignoring it completely
   * apt-pkg/depcache.cc:
     - if a M-A:same package is marked for reinstall, mark all it's installed
       silbings for reinstallation as well (LP: #859188)
   * apt-pkg/contrib/configuration.cc:
     - do not stop parent transversal in FindDir if the value is empty
   * methods/http{s,}.cc:
     - if a file without an extension is requested send an 'Accept: text/*'
       header to avoid that the server chooses unsupported compressed files
       in a content-negotation attempt (Closes: #657560)
     - remove the arbitrary MAXLEN limit for response lines (Closes: #658346)
   * apt-pkg/aptconfiguration.cc:
     - chroot if needed before calling dpkg --print-foreign-architectures
     - ensure that architectures are not added multiple times
   * cmdline/apt-mark.cc:
     - detect if dpkg has multiarch support before calling --set-selections
     - correctly ignore already (un)hold packages
   * apt-pkg/cachefile.cc:
     - clean up lost atomic cachefiles with 'clean' (Closes: #650513)
   * apt-pkg/indexrecords.cc:
     - do not create empty Entries as a sideeffect of Lookup()
   * apt-pkg/acquire-item.cc:
     - drop support for i18n/Index file (introduced in 0.8.11) and use
       the Release file instead to get the Translations (Closes: #649314)
     - use pdiff for Translation-* files if available (Closes: #657902)
   * ftparchive/writer.cc:
     - add 'Translation-*' to the default patterns
   * cmdline/apt-get.cc:
     - if a package can't be removed as it is not installed, suggest to
       the user an (installed) multiarch silbing with 'Did you mean?'
     - improve 'error' message for packages which are only referenced
       e.g. in a Depends line and are now requested for removal
   * cmdline/apt-cache.cc:
     - correct --pre-depends option by using dash consistently (LP: #940837)
   * apt-pkg/packagemanager.cc:
     - do not try to a void a breaks if the broken package pre-depends
       on the breaker, but let dpkg auto-deconfigure it
   * apt-pkg/contrib/fileutl.cc:
     - do not warn about the ignoring of directories (Closes: #662762)
   [ Steve Langasek ]
   * cmdline/apt-get.cc:
     - for cross-build-dependencies M-A: none should be DEB_HOST_ARCH,
       not DEB_BUILD_ARCH (Closes: #646288)
   [ Colin Watson ]
   * apt-pkg/algorithms.cc:
     - don't break out of the main-resolver loop for Breaks to deal with all
       of them in a single iteration (Closes: #657695, LP: #922485)
     - use a signed int instead of short for score calculation as upgrades
       become so big now that it can overflow (Closes: #657732, LP: #917173)
   * Fix IndexCopy::CopyPackages and TranslationsCopy::CopyTranslations to
     handle compressed files again (LP: #924182, closes: #658096)
   [ Michael Vogt ]
   * apt-pkg/deb/dpkgpm.cc:
     - fix crash when a package is in removed but residual config state
       (LP: #923807)
   * apt-pkg/contrib/fileutl.h:
     - fix compat with FileFd::OpenDescriptor() in ReadOnlyGzip mode
   * apt-pkg/packagemanager.cc:
     - fix bug in predepends handling - ensure that packages that needs
       unpackaging are unpacked before they are configured (LP: #927993)
   [ Julian Andres Klode ]
   * apt-pkg/deb/deblistparser.cc:
     - Set the Essential flag on APT instead of only Important
   * apt-pkg/packagemanager.cc:
     - Do not use immediate configuration for packages with the Important flag
   * Treat the Important flag like the Essential flag with those differences:
     - No Immediate configuration (see above)
     - Not automatically installed during dist-upgrade
     - No higher score for installation ordering
 32ba0d502d1e73af5918b5b7dd06a6a62cb73a0a 1690 apt_0.8.16~exp13.dsc
 7601a34f5ca64bf7ff45b6daf8266f2c473dd06b 3402230 apt_0.8.16~exp13.tar.gz
 3b4edc5ff5e77ebf0b124c3055489db8bdca72e5 251982 apt-doc_0.8.16~exp13_all.deb
 70f37715459d2834474358745080d36e51d0bd46 829466 libapt-pkg-doc_0.8.16~exp13_all.deb
 e5799a01fa7c917f3376f25868883f2c6342d50a 1015192 libapt-pkg4.12_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 bdb04d9f4c7679a7f40b8e615f92e939ed6a7421 186948 libapt-inst1.4_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 623fd35eb83dba3fffc0b5263aad211c0a5024e4 1164922 apt_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 4572ec2c4eeaf146dad9ef40b4d0c0794bfedc68 175832 libapt-pkg-dev_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 dbedaabb89b071234c9891df79a5f4d7f3a1f269 272420 apt-utils_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 f4b6b505783c4cfdcb5cbda6a590b3d95345f20c 98362 apt-transport-https_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 752fe0120e4b5be7d8bb065fa903c082ddc09330894d404d3b385097631939f1 1690 apt_0.8.16~exp13.dsc
 5cde730a24638ccbcfac5089644db56388d3650f7c61bf768555fa3db308ce59 3402230 apt_0.8.16~exp13.tar.gz
 adeacff9bbd89cfee1c1faf4a966c36ea006a4c554980b1e1b90cc3e8018bff5 251982 apt-doc_0.8.16~exp13_all.deb
 7a6e1410de78715e82d57a7deb8a86ef80610cad0ded4979d768ca54a52021e1 829466 libapt-pkg-doc_0.8.16~exp13_all.deb
 013d26a664eea5e3624415f0664c38ca955f0cbbc106776d5e3215dd5769c07e 1015192 libapt-pkg4.12_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 9e8d23220bb22eef341619c2fbfc0c8ccc508eaded82fea9bcc38798f5171bd8 186948 libapt-inst1.4_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 928bd77863b9edd67f83a5300d0fbf81bba2cf84743a7716d9c0676267730927 1164922 apt_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 30dad707728310b160f4a31d9ce7219ec3c48e23d5bd389ccc30a7861cee79b7 175832 libapt-pkg-dev_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 0f14b7537e66d43a7e4dd5fdf41eaf52bebec12a975a9fa53a075603bcfe76c1 272420 apt-utils_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 690ea82b8a05baed990abe72b14e5781cc1a6ff2da7678d4c0c258b13e5656a2 98362 apt-transport-https_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 36fec50713ebb62b5f8d0457e433029d 1690 admin important apt_0.8.16~exp13.dsc
 64d460c47b1b58e42e1f70be86ddb250 3402230 admin important apt_0.8.16~exp13.tar.gz
 2efa431d666c7e7cf5d66b8ef4d337b4 251982 doc optional apt-doc_0.8.16~exp13_all.deb
 2769797e1e9c27ae54a6784d8e20761b 829466 doc optional libapt-pkg-doc_0.8.16~exp13_all.deb
 4964a90d91f9bdbacf7a77de1d85ebf1 1015192 admin important libapt-pkg4.12_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 6d0f84a70da94ece33a6529dc005626a 186948 admin important libapt-inst1.4_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 5062a82fde1e0bd3a0875051f01022e1 1164922 admin important apt_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 cd77bd303d6f44d8097b318910096d3f 175832 libdevel optional libapt-pkg-dev_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 e499a62db417c3251e93401bcd24ff5b 272420 admin important apt-utils_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb
 9eebcaa60ccb01dd3828e278f4e632d8 98362 admin optional apt-transport-https_0.8.16~exp13_amd64.deb

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