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Accepted cupt 2.2.0~rc1 (source i386 all)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 05 Sep 2011 19:05:03 +0300
Source: cupt
Binary: libcupt2-0 libcupt2-dev libcupt2-doc cupt libcupt2-0-downloadmethod-curl libcupt2-0-downloadmethod-wget
Architecture: source i386 all
Version: 2.2.0~rc1
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Eugene V. Lyubimkin <jackyf@debian.org>
Changed-By: Eugene V. Lyubimkin <jackyf@debian.org>
 cupt       - alternative front-end for dpkg -- console interface
 libcupt2-0 - alternative front-end for dpkg -- runtime library
 libcupt2-0-downloadmethod-curl - alternative front-end for dpkg -- libcurl download method
 libcupt2-0-downloadmethod-wget - alternative front-end for dpkg -- wget download method
 libcupt2-dev - alternative front-end for dpkg -- development files
 libcupt2-doc - alternative front-end for dpkg -- library documentation
Closes: 633485 633492 637233 637490 637494 639160 639605 640148
 cupt (2.2.0~rc1) experimental; urgency=low
   * console:
     - Managing packages:
       - New positional action override options '--install', '--remove',
         '--satisfy', '--unsatisfy'.
       - The option '--purge' is converted to positional action override one.
       - The action 'purge' does not set global purge flag anymore but only
         purges packages specified as arguments.
     - 'clean', 'autoclean': remove also partially downloaded archive files.
       Thanks to Karol Kozłowski for the suggestion. (Closes: #633485)
     - 'version': support '-v' as a alias again. (Closes: #640148)
   * lib:
     - system/worker:
       - New method 'setPackagePurgeFlag'.
       - The global purge option now unconditionally purges all removed
         packages again.
       - New method 'deletePartialArchives'.
       - Really allow removing Essential packages (when requested and passed
         all front-end checks).
       - Unpack/configure actions of some important packages were not optimally
         merged before when there are reverse-[Pre-]Depends.
       - Prefer temporary breaking reverse-Depends than anything else.
         (Closes: #637233)
       - Don't modify first-level priorities of non-first subactions of
         the same package, except of incrementing prioties for
         unpack-after-removal actions.
       - Greatly simplified the algorithm of setting priority links. Increases
         processing speed a lot.
       - Set dependency dpkg force options according to broken relations, not
         "nothing or all".
       - Make dpkg sequence output fixed between the different runs for the
         same input.
       - Made the virtual vertices' CPU and RAM footprint smaller.
       - Removed ad-hoc pre-dependency check warnings as useless and obsolete.
       - Merge remove/unpack subactions even more aggressively.
       - Submit the input for a running commands using pipes instead of 'echo'
         shell command. (Closes: #637494)
       - Implemented logging.
       - An initial support of repository index deltas.
     - config:
       - New option 'cupt::cache::release-file-expiration::ignore'.
       - Use APT option 'acquire::http::allowredirect' instead of Cupt-specific
       - New option 'cupt::update::check-release-files'. Thanks to
         Karol Kozłowski for the suggestion. (Closes: #633492)
       - Support Cupt-specific configuration files (/etc/cupt by default).
         New options 'cupt::directory::configuration',
       - New option 'cupt::worker::use-locks'.
       - Recognize APT variables 'dir::log', 'dir::log::terminal',
       - New options 'cupt::directory::log', 'cupt::worker::log'.
       - New options 'cupt::worker::log::levels::{metadata,packages,snapshots}'.
     - cache:
       - 'verifySignature': is deprecated now.
     - system/resolvers/native:
       - Implemented 'reinstall or remove' for packages that require the
       - Installed packages with the status 'half-installed' also require
         the reinstallation, mark them as such. (Closes: #637490)
     - file:
       - Constructor now accepts "pw" as a special mode for shell pipes opened
         for writing.
     - system/state:
       - Add package entry to the cache even if the installed version requires
         the reinstallation. (Closes: #639605)
       - InstalledRecord: new method 'isBroken'.
     - download/manager:
       - Fixed handling of EINTR while polling waiter sockets.
   * doc:
     - cupt(1) manual:
       - Documented 'purge' subcommand.
       - Fixed a typo in the description of '--download-only' option.
         (Closes: #639160)
   * scripts:
     - logrotate:
       - Created.
 f5d9617d25038fe3ccdee0a7ceae931dc09376eb 1132 cupt_2.2.0~rc1.dsc
 ad483d30916fe3959050d97417a71167826c79ae 237393 cupt_2.2.0~rc1.tar.gz
 8af334379a31742b12ce83002a3237a7e98e5f77 751222 libcupt2-0_2.2.0~rc1_i386.deb
 18b452f6fe0d1a6740a0c30eab804b4751457695 47116 libcupt2-dev_2.2.0~rc1_i386.deb
 961186c324b2c28b65b28e94c96fe5593bf0f72d 348970 libcupt2-doc_2.2.0~rc1_all.deb
 2efbd73c45dcb6ab419354a7df5c2df72445d6f3 395736 cupt_2.2.0~rc1_i386.deb
 3039c64c82f8b97747544a5e21ef4ade51d83f31 41044 libcupt2-0-downloadmethod-curl_2.2.0~rc1_i386.deb
 20eefec091f2fc3b97e695e2818db3f192c36ba0 43338 libcupt2-0-downloadmethod-wget_2.2.0~rc1_i386.deb
 ccda9c02965c97ae946c4204ae2867107e8624f98f040f7dcb35ba3b37c967e6 1132 cupt_2.2.0~rc1.dsc
 8dd52ac9ff55de8a7a1d8db483d25aa6fe91fbd7643f7ea3e2d227c8e1a96e06 237393 cupt_2.2.0~rc1.tar.gz
 49e16c46abb473e06268748e9b9a278b06fd7a2798086dc620bc04be3f2a4b40 751222 libcupt2-0_2.2.0~rc1_i386.deb
 3dcba2fead967870fdcc7066843a3f89c13e943941730c9ee3ced98c965e7244 47116 libcupt2-dev_2.2.0~rc1_i386.deb
 85a2d098520269a577b4428d4fdbc5a58c5c543503d3fdad930f33f922f9100b 348970 libcupt2-doc_2.2.0~rc1_all.deb
 f4feb331a1db679ccf222899a9e2be9d72f1756149909ca768c1f21f7ef90abd 395736 cupt_2.2.0~rc1_i386.deb
 47856f821927b5803a01560aeb4b6b1d6c7060226d569eaac387d1a58ad4ff16 41044 libcupt2-0-downloadmethod-curl_2.2.0~rc1_i386.deb
 5de6b551271c72052052014e0c23eaef2ad96378d3628d3c2e4710d0f48e78c6 43338 libcupt2-0-downloadmethod-wget_2.2.0~rc1_i386.deb
 86fb1cac668308d7749f526c42855b10 1132 admin optional cupt_2.2.0~rc1.dsc
 09c16f9c822e49d608b479db8de6cdac 237393 admin optional cupt_2.2.0~rc1.tar.gz
 a23d42455b02fc8b60e4b506d68a01b0 751222 admin optional libcupt2-0_2.2.0~rc1_i386.deb
 47988226d1013d2204cb82cabfd7d259 47116 libdevel optional libcupt2-dev_2.2.0~rc1_i386.deb
 05bb4d039d7969c3508233158d857e70 348970 doc optional libcupt2-doc_2.2.0~rc1_all.deb
 aa52625a042623ffea879c29f9aaec4a 395736 admin optional cupt_2.2.0~rc1_i386.deb
 0c47b7cce5cd2b8faf37e7c6bbe0e8b6 41044 admin optional libcupt2-0-downloadmethod-curl_2.2.0~rc1_i386.deb
 e56e180473d1bff5df22497c945e5bc8 43338 admin optional libcupt2-0-downloadmethod-wget_2.2.0~rc1_i386.deb

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